Hello! I'm Karina Bedi, the founder of  Styled By Karina, a Personal Style & Lifestyle Blog based in Chandigarh, India.

I started my journey in Blogging in late 2014, when I knew very little about the Digital World.
At that time I was't sure if it was something I would ever be able to manage, so I went on to explore other fields in Fashion- Fashion Design, Visual Merchandising, etc. and I was lucky enough to land jobs at big names like Brooks Brothers and Marks & Spencer.
Though I loved my job, I realized that Blogging was't just a hobby, and that it was something I really wanted to do and wouldn't get tired doing all my life.
I couldn't decide whether I should quit a well-paid job, and pursue blogging as a career. What if it does not work out?
After countless hours of research & days spent in dilemma, after numberless What Ifs, I finally took the decision of quitting what seemed like a dream job at first & came back to my hometown (Chandigarh) in mid-2016 to pursue blogging as a full-time career! I still wasn't sure if it would work  out, but after reading tons of Biographies & Case Studies of successful bloggers, I realized that it's incredible what can happen when you let go of the What Ifs & really do what you want to do!

I love to Create, & hope to Inspire :)
Thanks for reading! It is a pleasure having you here.

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