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I have always had a soft corner for Indian street dogs. Be it little pups with the dreamiest of eyes, or the adult dogs who refuse to grow up, I love all furries out there.
No matter how tough their lives have been, Indian street dogs will welcome you with all the warmth in their hearts, they will still carry a sparkle in their eyes. People who can't look beyond the 'street dog”' in them, don't know what they are missing out here!

Here are few of my favourite rescue cases that I have been involved with lately.
Even though life has brought them down couple of times, these tough indies refuse to give up!
All these beautiful stories are a reminder that every dog deserves a family, a home that they can call their own, a place where they will be adored and looked after, humans that will make sure they never sleep without a meal again.

It isn’t easy being a mother dog on the streets. The one in the above is called Mother.

She had her own budding family, a litter of young pups to raise. But sadly in the human jungle, others rarely have a place. Mother was hit by a speeding car and was brought for treatment, along with her pups. She watched all her pups succumb to diseases one by one while she was still lactating. Despite of everything, Mother did not lose hope and became a foster mother for the other orphan pups who needed her help. And now, she refuses to leave the facility, because she knows that this is where she is needed. Who are we to argue with Mother?

Life if not always fair, but it isn’t unfair. All you need to do is keep going on with a big smile. That is what Smiley here tells us. Not his real name, but again one that suits this ever smiling lad.
An accident, multiple complications and with both hind legs paralyzed……and still that big smile that can win over anyone. It is difficult to talk about his disability because he never lets you feel that he is different from the rest. Smiley likes having fun and has a big FOMO. And he doesn’t believe that his world has been torn apart because he understands that life goes on. He is a perpetual optimist and will make you grab some tissues once in a while!

Happy has a story similar to Smiley. Just like him, Happy didn’t let disability get in his way. He enjoys life to the fullest and lives in the moment. He may use his “condition” to extract favors from you such as making you carry him from one place to another and perks like that but we are not judging him! All of us have pretended to have a fake fever to get off from school atleast once, haven’t we? Happy is a snuggle bug and the ‘goodest’ boy in town.

We are calling this one Skippy. He met with an accident on a busy highway and lost his mum, siblings and one of his legs that had to be amputated. But no one could amputate the spunk in him! With goofiness at his core, Skippy is the perfect companion to beat those Monday blues. He loves all dogs small and big, and try to make friends with everyone he meets. Even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel, Skippy will still manage to find a reason to smile!

When I think of all the breeders out there making money by selling lives, I am beyond surprised to see how low we’ve stooped as human beings. Dogs are bred over and over until they are no longer fit to do so. And when there is nothing that the breeders can get out of them, they are abandoned. As an animal rescue volunteer, I have seen countless cases of abandoned dogs most of them are puppy mill rejects or pets that no longer add value to their owners.
While it is easy to walk away and not get involved in rescue cases that are broken beyond repair, it takes courage to make their lives normal again.

So, next time when you think of adding a furry companion to your family, look no further than your local animal shelter, or better yet the streets.
If you ask me, ‘Indie’ is the most beautiful breed out there. They are tough, they know hardships and they need nothing more than an unlimited supply of affection.
They have the same feelings as any other pedigree dogs and will be grateful to you for rescuing them just in time.


PS this was shot just a few days before our wedding. A big thanks to The Mixed Fruit Jam for curating this and our wedding card.


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