Coord It Up | Athleisure

If I had to define my style  in one word, I'd choose "Athleisure". In case you are not sure what it means, its basically a portmanteau of Athletic & Leisure. And when it comes to Fashion, Athleisure is a blend of Athletic Wear and Leisure Wear. It has been a huge trend since last few seasons now- a hit on International Runways and amongst Celebrities & Bloggers, and I personally can't get over it because I feel it looks so effortlessly stylish, besides being super comfortable!

I recently got my hands on this Athleisure Coord Set with a feminine twist from Shein. If I haven't said it enough, I am a huge sucker for Coordinates! Besides making a statement, Coord Sets come so handy when you are in an absolute rush and just can't bother yourself to put together an outfit. The beauty of Coords is that you can either wear the pieces together as a set, or use them as separates.

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I said that I'll vlog on a weekly basis, but honestly I couldn't keep up with it- it requires much more time and efforts than it seems. So instead, I've decided to vlog twice every month, which basically means 1 vlog/ 15 days.
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