The #SideStriped Trend

So, some of you may already know that I attended to the mountains' call last month. It was a short & speedy work trip to Shimla, but I was super excited because I'm a BIG, FAT MOUNTAIN BABY! Even though Shimla is just a four-hours drive from my hometown, I had never visited the hill station before this but it was definitely on my list since long.
I absolutely love the vibe of hill stations- slower & simpler life, serene surroundings, more of strolling, pleasant weather- it makes me want to retire and settle down haha!

Anyway, getting back to the topic of this post, here is one of the outfits that I shot in Shimla. It is quite evident from my Instagram posts that the "Side-Striped" trend has been my favorite since forever now! I love how it mixes sporty aesthetics with clean, modern silhouettes- aligning perfectly with my personal style!
I was in awe when I stumbled upon this ultra-modern coordinate set on Shein. I love the side-striped trend, and I love coordinates even more, so what could be more perfect than this side-striped coordinate? The beauty of coord sets is that you can either wear the pieces together, or sepeartely paired with other pieces from your wardrobe. So, if you buy yourself a coord set you've basically bought yourself 3 outfits all together (yeeeehawwwww!).
[Scroll down for direct link to shop the outfit]