Dreams, Passion & Insanitee

I am not sure how many of you know that I was working with Marks and Spencer before taking up Blogging full time. When I left the job, I did not know if I made the right decision. There was pressure on me from all around- naysayers laughing at me and telling me that it was really crazy for me to leave a well-paid job for something that was not certain. 
I ended up spending all my savings within few months of leaving the job and was broke for a long period of time, still trying to figure out how things work and trying to create a space for myself in the Blogging World. I won't lie, but the thought that I probably shouldn't have left my 9 to 5 job crossed my mind multiple times during that phase due to pressure and criticism. But I am so glad that I kept going, because it all turned out to be worth it. (I am not yet where I wanted to be, but I'm atleast on the right path.)

You gotta be really "insane" to do what you love, or atleast that's what people call you when you try to follow your dreams. But don't let the gatekeepers prevent you from following your passion. The only "yes" you need to do what you love to do is yours. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because the only mistake you'll ever make is continually fearing you'll make one.

So glad to introduce you to Insanitee, a start-up by a 19 year old entrepreneur, Shrivatsa. Through Insanitee, she aims at keeping entrepreneurs & self-employed people motivated and inspired. Insanitee's tees are such mood uplifters and definitely help me keep going! Below, I'm wearing Insanitee's Savage Tshirt in XL as a dress, Slay Tshirt in L, and CEO Tshirt in M. Cool, ain't they?