The link between Oral Health and Overall Health | Clove Dental

Did you know your Oral Heath could determine your overall well-being? I recently had the chance to visit Clove Dental, India's largest dental chain to get a general dental check-up done and to learn a little about Oral Health.

First things first- Clove is the most aesthetically pleasing clinic I have ever been to. In a gram-obsessed world, what more could you ask for? From the furniture and wall frames to the color combination- Clove's ambience definitely calmed down the iatrophobic in me.

Upon conversation with Dr. Suman Kaushik, an endodontist at Clove Dental, I learnt so much about Oral Health and how it can affect or be indicative of our overall health & well-being, and I wanted to share my learnings with you so that we can together make 2020 the year of Good Oral Health. 
The mouth is the window into body health. Poor oral health can either indicate a disease in the body, or can itself be responsible for the disease. Not only can poor oral health reduce a person's qu…

Faux Fur | Statement Pieces

I absolutely adore luxe fabrics like Velvet, Pleather, Faux fur, etc.! I think they can make great statement pieces. I just realized my obsession and love for Faux Fur  and wanted to quickly check in to show you guys this outfit featuring this off-white Faux Fur coat from Romwe (click to buy), and some of my favorite, super- affordable Faux Fur pieces that you can add to your wardrobe to channel your inner posh!
I wore the same coat in peach in a recent blog post (click to see), and it attracted a lot of love and attention. So I decided to add this one to my wardrobe too!
(Scroll down to the end for more statement Faux Fur pieces)

Here are some of my favorite chic and luxurious Faux Fur pieces that you can add to your wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket:

Love the twist to the basic black dress! 

How cute would these look with a basic shirt dress!

For the bold babes out there!

This versatile Faux Fur vest can be an interesting piece to add to your basic outfits.

Handbags is a great and safe way to add Faux Fur to your outfits.

I hope you enjoyed going through my Faux Fur fantasy land, and that you could find the perfect faux fur piece to add to your own wardrobe! Click here for more!

See you soon, girlies! xx