The link between Oral Health and Overall Health | Clove Dental

Did you know your Oral Heath could determine your overall well-being? I recently had the chance to visit Clove Dental, India's largest dental chain to get a general dental check-up done and to learn a little about Oral Health.

First things first- Clove is the most aesthetically pleasing clinic I have ever been to. In a gram-obsessed world, what more could you ask for? From the furniture and wall frames to the color combination- Clove's ambience definitely calmed down the iatrophobic in me.

Upon conversation with Dr. Suman Kaushik, an endodontist at Clove Dental, I learnt so much about Oral Health and how it can affect or be indicative of our overall health & well-being, and I wanted to share my learnings with you so that we can together make 2020 the year of Good Oral Health. 
The mouth is the window into body health. Poor oral health can either indicate a disease in the body, or can itself be responsible for the disease. Not only can poor oral health reduce a person's qu…

Happy New Year 2018: Thank You Note + New Year Resolutions

Yesterday was the last day of 2017 and I just wanted to write a quick thank you note to everyone and everything that has been a part of my life.
Today, I am what I am because of the people I met, the choices I made and the experiences I had. I am truly thankful to every person I know or have known in the past and every little thing that has happened to me, because it all counts! 2017 was the year of growth for me- I learnt a lot, achieved a lot, shed many people from my life, gained some amazing friends, and most of all I became more like "me".
In terms of work, I am so thankful to have figured out in my head as to what I really wanted to do and what I wanted to be. I am glad that I decided to follow my dreams- it made me realize how important it is to let go off the doubts and have faith in yourself. I am also thankful to everyone who has been a part of my journey, and supported me throughout- it really matters and means so much!

I won't lie, but I don't have everything figured out yet when it comes to my work or personal life. I've still got stuff that I need to work upon! This year I'm vowing to make some major changes as well as some minor adjustments in order to become a better and happier version of myself.
Here is my list of #NewYearResolutions :

#1 Write More
While I have been really consistent with posting on my Instagram, I feel that I haven't connected to you guys as much as I could and should have. This year, I'll be working towards being more consistent with blog posts. Starting from now, I'll be posting at least twice or thrice a month on the blog and share more from my personal life with you guys.

#2 Travel More
"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan Sontag
This year I'll be looking forward to travelling, exploring and adventuring and sharing my experiences here to inspire others to explore the world before it gets too dark! Let's see how much I am able to strike off my bucket list.

#3 Fitness
I've decided to pay more attention to my health and find some time everyday to indulge in exercising and cooking healthy meals. I'll also try to slowly eliminate junk and unhealthy food from my life completely to achieve my body goals by the end of the year.

#4 Take Up A Hobby
Hobbies are a source of relaxation, hence they should be given importance too. Given my profession, I am always on the go and left with no time to find myself, so I have decided to devote few hours every week to a hobby- be it Salsa Classes or Gardening.

#5 Animal Welfare
It is shameful how us humans are so ignorant and insensitive towards innocent and voiceless animals. We have selfishly altered the whole planet according to our requirements, killed their habitats, kill them for food and use them for entertainment (at the zoos, etc.). I am happy to announce that I'll be introducing an "Animal Welfare" section on my blog this year to spread awareness about the miserable condition of the animals, and how we take it all for granted.

#6 Being Vegan
I have been a vegetarian all my life, because I have always been against animal slaughtering or killing of animals for food. I thought that I was doing my bit to save the animals, until I realized what everyday dairy products cost the dairy animals, and trust me it's terrible and shameful. If you aren't aware of it, click here.
Not only is Vegan Diet considered to be the healthiest diet for humans, it is also planet- friendly. Click here to know why Vegan Diet is the best.
I am a true animal lover, I care about my health and the environment, and I am proud to announce that I am now officially a Vegan!

I hope I could inspire some of you with my list of new year resolutions.

 A New Year means 365 days of new opportunities. Make this year count by making most of them! Chase your dreams, set goals and slay them. Cheers to new beginnings! Happy New Year, you guys.

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