The Comeback of Bell Bottoms: Retro Glam ft. Koovs

Lately, we have been seeing the comeback of many Retro Trends- Bell Sleeves, Off- Shoulders, Ruffles, Denim Jackets, Turtle Necks, Midi Dresses & Skirts, Mom Jeans- to name a few! Fashion definitely keeps repeating itself.
I feel that my outfits always have a retro touch to them. Being a 90s child,  I love that old school vibe! One of my favorite Retro Fashion upturns is that of Bell Bottoms aka Flared Pants. Besides being super stylish, I love how they create an illusion of longer, leaner legs!

Few weeks ago, I curated this peppy Retro Outfit using articles from my utmost favorite online fashion store, Koovs. I probably wouldn't have worn yellow, if it wasn't for this pair of flared pants! While the pair of yellow flared pants is a classy statement piece, the black wrap bralette is flirty & versatile. Also, I feel that the Embroidered Barrel Bag & the Round- framed sunglasses helped increasing the Retro Quotient of the outfit.
I feel so comfortable & stylish in the outfit, that I could literally live in it all summer long!

How did you like the outfit? I'd love to know what your favorite Retro Fashion trends are!