Mean Girls ft. Steve Madden

"On Wednesdays, we wear Pink" is one of the most popular dialogues from the movie Mean Girls. It easily translated into the real world with the girly girls wearing 'Pink on Pink' on Wednesdays.
The movie was released almost a decade ago, however quoting Mean Girls is still so popular with us girls.

Us girls can easily relate our everyday lives to the sassy movie- from forming squads & gossiping to twinning with our best friends and asking them for advise on new clothes. We can't deny, Mean Girls has given us some major Fashion & Squad Goals!

The other day my gorgeous Mean Girl Tanvir and I were hanging out in the mall, when we spotted this dusty Pink Velvet Dress at Zara. We fell in love with it instantly, looked at each other and we knew exactly what to do with it- dress up in it and twin around! Without even trying it out, we bought it immediately.

Both of us styled the tight velvet dress from Zara with a pair of Strappy Heels in Rose Gold and a Glittery Sling Bag in the same color- both from Steve Madden. We also threw over matching denim jackets, which you can see in some pictures. It;s crazy that we share such a similar taste when it comes to Fashion & Style.
I must say, the Rose Gold Heels and Sling Bag from Steve Madden upgraded the whole look- making us look more Chic, Sassy and Mean! P.S. you cant sit with us!

I'm so much in love with this look inspired by Mean Girls, and I absolutely love twinning! I'd like to thank Tanvir for being such a fun woman to shoot with , and our friend Jannat for letting us shoot at this cute little spot at her place at 5 AM.

What do you guys think about this look? Please write your opinions in the comments section below :)