Good Vibes and Good Food: Cafe JC's

I was wanting to visit Cafe JC's since it opened up in early 2017, but I didn't get a chance until very recently. Cafe JC's is a cosy place tucked away at the back side of the market in Sector- 10, Chandigarh. With bright decor and loads of natural light- the place exudes great warmth and good vibes.

It was a pleasure meeting the owner, Miss Jannat Chaddha who has put in her heart in setting up every corner of the cafe- from designing the whole space (ps she has studied Interior Designing and Cafe JC's is her first project as an Interior Designer!) to DIY  Mats, Flower Pots, etc. and handpicked as well as self- made Wall Hangings. This is exactly what makes the cafe feel homely, and warm!
Not just this, she also indulges herself in daily activities- cleaning, attending customers, taking orders, etc.- which is amazing!

Talking about food, Cafe JC's offers a mix of Asian and American dishes!

We ordered the "Going All Out" veg platter, which consisted of all my favorite snacks- Falafel, Pita, Nachos, and Jalapeno Poppers with my favorite dips- Hummus, Salsa Sauce, and Sour Cream. Literally, this was the most amazing platter that I have ever had. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you must have watched me drool over this one!

Next, we ordered "Indo-Chini Bro-Bro" which is a Veg/ Chicken sizzler served on a bed of Rice/ Noodles and a side of Paprika spiced Potato Wedges. We opted for the non- veg version with Rice, but since I am a vegetarian I only ate the Rice and Potato Wedges- and still loved it! It was the right blend of spices. 

The perfect end to our lunch at Cafe JC's was this slice of New York Cheese Cake. Not even exaggerating- this cake was heavenly!

If your mouth has started watering already, go visit Cafe JC's right away and I promise you won't be disappointed! Also, don't forget to say "Hi" to Jannat, she is the sweetest person ever with the most amazing sense of humor! In case you have trouble spotting her, I'll give you a hint: she has beautifully colored hair!