PUR VODA: Purity Bottled

I was amongst those who think that every Mineral Water bottle is super healthy for the human body, which is why I always opted for bottled Mineral Water while dining out, without considering the brand.
However, I recently discovered that there are two types of Mineral Water available- Natural Mineral Water & the regular Mineral Water.
I also realized that like me, people in India and all over the world are unaware of the concept of "Natural Mineral Water".

Natural Mineral Water is water that is naturally rich in minerals and doesn't undergo any chemical treatment before packaging. However, the regular Mineral Water contains artificially infused minerals, and is intensively treated with chemicals before packaging.

The artificial infusion of Minerals and intensive Chemical Treatment makes the regular bottled water toxic for human body in the longer run. Whereas, Natural Mineral Water has many health benefits apart from just 'hydration'- it helps achieve Flawless Skin & Hair, helps prevent various types of Cancer, helps in Digestion as the food we consume is acidic in nature, improves performance of the Heart and Nervous System- to state a few.

Pur Voda Natural Mineral Water is being sourced at the foothills of Shivalik Range in India. Extracted from great depths, it is extremely rich in Mineral Content with a pH of 7.8, that is excellent for the human body. Because it is organically purified, it does not taste bitter like the regular Packaged Drinking Water but has the true taste of Nature.
What's more? The shape of the bottle gives it a super classy look, giving us a good- looking companion to run around with.

Pur Voda stands true to its motto "Purity, Bottled" and is purely Refreshing, Replenishing and Reenergizing! Its amazing and at the same time scary that how something as simple as drinking water is affecting our lives immensely! Choose wisely #KnowWhatYouDrink !

You can learn more about Pur Voda here, and follow them here & here for updates.