Picking Daisies

How was your weekend everyone? I spent most of my Sunday shooting new looks & hogging upon yummy food! Why is Monday so far from the Weekend & the Weekend so close to Monday, by the way?
Anyway, I hope you guys had a great start to the week and that you were able to beat the Monday Blues!

A random fact about me: I would always pick a Daisy in a field of Roses!

Daisies are reminiscent of innocence & purity and I am constantly looking out for daisy prints in clothes and otherwise, because they give out a very happy & friendly vibe. Recently, Arcoiris sent me a delicately prepossessing Daisy necklace and I was extremely happy about the new addition in my wardrobe!
I wore it over a Striped Camisole & a Faux Fur Jacket to add charm to the otherwise dull winter outfit. And I loved how the beautiful Daisy Necklace from Arcoiris instantly quirked up the whole look.
Have a look at the pictures below, and let me know what you think about the look :)