Culinary Class at OKO, The Lalit


As some of you already know, I went for a culinary class at OKO, The Lalit almost a week back!
I was wanting to write this post since long, but my days have been a mix of Busy & Lazy. I hit the bed last night, promising myself to wake up in the morning & share my experience with you guys before  getting busy with other things. So here I am!

With my fellow bloggers Santwinder, Ruby, Me, Aman (Left to Right) at the OKO Culinary Class, The Llait, Chandigarh

OKO is a pan Asian restaurant at The Lalit with Luxurious Modern Interiors. The ambiance & staff is exuberant, just as I like!

The Culinary Class was taken by the superbly talented Chef Suriya Phusirimongkhonchai, who taught us to cook three lip-smacking Thai Dishes- Som Tum (Salad), Green Vegetable Thai Curry & Tum Tim Grob (Dessert) !
Thai Curry is one of my favorite dishes, and I am extremely choosy when it comes to it.
I must say, I had the best Thai Curry at OKO and I am so inspired to try it at home (I know the best recipe now *evil laugh*)

Let's have a look at pictures from the class:

The chef also showcased his Fruit-carving skills, which was unbelievable! He made it look so effortless!

It was a great experience at The Lalit, as always! So excited to try the Thai Curry at home.
See you guys super soon :)