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I have always had a soft corner for Indian street dogs. Be it little pups with the dreamiest of eyes, or the adult dogs who refuse to grow up, I love all furries out there. No matter how tough their lives have been, Indian street dogs will welcome you with all the warmth in their hearts, they will still carry a sparkle in their eyes. People who can't look beyond the 'street dog”' in them, don't know what they are missing out here!
Here are few of my favourite rescue cases that I have been involved with lately. Even though life has brought them down couple of times, these tough indies refuse to give up! All these beautiful stories are a reminder that every dog deserves a family, a home that they can call their own, a place where they will be adored and looked after, humans that will make sure they never sleep without a meal again.

It isn’t easy being a mother dog on the streets. The one in the above is called Mother.
She had her own budding family, a litter of young pups t…

Saying Hello to Fall with Bewakoof.com


The most exciting part of the year is finally here, & I have partnered with Bewakoof.com to bring you an incredibly chic street style that you can rock through out the season- The T-Shirt Dress!
I am extremely excited to share this, because this style has always been one of my favorites! And a lot of you appreciated the outfit when I posted a picture of it on Instagram!

As I always mention without fail, I love basics! They are super versatile (obviously!), & can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.
Most of the T-Shirt dresses at Bewakoof.com are basic, and I chose a plain black one. I paired it up with black thigh-high boots to create an all black outfit! Then, to break the monotony, I layered it with a Denim Shirt, and tied a knot at the hem of the dress as you can see in the pictures below.

As for me, I like to keep it very simple & classy. However, to prevent you from Dresser's Block I'm listing down a total of 3 ways to rock T-Shirt Dresses this season!
First, let's see how my outfit turned out to be.

I'm totally in love with this outfit, & hopefully you'll see me donning this T-Shirt Dress from Bewakoof.com styled in different ways quite often on my Instagram! 

Here are 3 ways you can style your T-Shirt dress & rock it this fall :

Layer your T-Shirt Dress with a Leather Jacket or a Satin Bomber. Put on your Party-Shoes & a matching Statement Necklace.

2. CASUAL (Mall, GDO)
Pair it up with a pair of sneakers, & a choker necklace to rock the Casual- Chick look. If you are a cap- person, throw a cap over your head to enhance the effortless- style!

For Formal Meetings or Office, throw over a crisp blazer, add a formal belt & a pair of matching Mary-Janes or Pumps. You can also add a watch, and a decent pendent. 

What do you think about this street style? 

Grab a T-Shirt Dress from Bewakoof.com & say Hello to Fall! They have a variety of trendy pieces, that are great in quality & super- affordable!
Bewakoof.com also stocks amazing T-Shirts, Vests, Joggers, Full-Sleeve T-Shirts, & Long T-Shirts for Men! Go, have a look :)