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I have always had a soft corner for Indian street dogs. Be it little pups with the dreamiest of eyes, or the adult dogs who refuse to grow up, I love all furries out there. No matter how tough their lives have been, Indian street dogs will welcome you with all the warmth in their hearts, they will still carry a sparkle in their eyes. People who can't look beyond the 'street dog”' in them, don't know what they are missing out here!
Here are few of my favourite rescue cases that I have been involved with lately. Even though life has brought them down couple of times, these tough indies refuse to give up! All these beautiful stories are a reminder that every dog deserves a family, a home that they can call their own, a place where they will be adored and looked after, humans that will make sure they never sleep without a meal again.

It isn’t easy being a mother dog on the streets. The one in the above is called Mother.
She had her own budding family, a litter of young pups t…

Three Reasons Why Every Woman Should Invest In Jewellery

Jewellery is like the perfect spice. It always compliments what’s already there- Diane von Furstenberg

All women love jewellery. From the first pair of anklets to the engagement ring & at all stages of life, jewellery truly never leaves a woman’s side.
It not only makes a woman look more feminine & elegant, it has an even more important role to play in our lives. Therefore, a woman should always set aside a good part of her wardrobe budget to invest in jewellery.
What makes jewellery so important, you may ask.
Read on to know…
Saves time
You may be wondering how making an extra  effort to don a piece of jewellery will save your time.
Let me explain this to you.
Just suppose, you have a party to attend to right after your office. While you may struggle to create an outfit appropriate for both- the office & the party, or waste time changing your whole outfit after office and get late for the party, all you can do is replace your jewellery. For example, you’re wearing a white blouse with a grey pencil skirt & a wrist watch to office. Right before the party, just replace the wrist watch with a cuff & add a matching statement neckpiece, and you’re ready to go! You can also choose to change your footwear & lipstick!
The right pieces of jewellery can take you from day to night, without having you to change the whole outfit. This explains how jewellery can help you save up on time & reach everywhere timely.

Saves Money
Again, you may be wondering how adding jewellery to your cart help you save money.
If you have the right pieces of jewellery, you can easily change the whole look of your outfit, as explained above. So you don’t have to invest a lot in clothes to suit different occasions. Jewellery can take you from casual to formal & formal & party easily, & for less!
All you have to do is, stack up on some basics & let jewellery do the magic!

Conceals Flaws
Jewellery can balance out your silhouette, making you look more proportionate. It can hide your physical flaws by creating illusions or simply by drawing attention away from them.
For example, women who are pear-shaped can choose to wear heavy neckpieces, which will add some bulk to their upper body making it look equal to the lower body, and hence create an illusion   of proportion. This will also help drawing the attention upwards, so the “pear-shape” will go unnoticed.

Now that you have all the good reasons to invest in jewellery, head over to the Times Glamour Exhibition from19th August-21st August at Sahara Star, Opposite DomesticAirport, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai. They bring a wide assemblage of bijouterie under one roof to fulfill the style requirements of every individual & occasion!