An Affair To Remember (The Lalit, Chandigarh)

Hola Amigos

If you follow me on Instagram & Snapchat, you already have a hint about #TheLalitExperience that I had last weekend!
I'm gonna tell you  everything about my Grand Experience, one thing at a time, starting with my Lunch at the "Royal Indian Affair", a food fest hosted by Baluchi.
For those who are not aware, Baluchi is The Lalit's Signature Pan Indian Luxury Dining Restaurant. If you want to experience luxurious dining with a peaceful view, while gorging on a variety of flavors from across the country, Baluchi is the place to be.

Baluchi's "Royal Indian Affair" is a 15-day food fest (27 August, 2016- 10 September, 2016) , so you can still visit the venue & experience what I experienced...yayyy!

Let's do this!

The set-up at the entrance gave out such a Royal Vibe. We were welcomed by Rose- Flavored drinks, which was heavenly!

The Royal Bar! This beautifully set-up corner was my favorite.

This is the famed "Naanery" of Baluchi. In case you're wondering what it means, its a combination of the words- Naan & Winery (Naan + Winery = Naanery)
Its an array of Indian breads, served with wine & assorted chutneys. I loved the concept & my favorite out of this was Gilafi Kulcha with Kashmiri Apple Chutney.


- Dal Sultani
- Lakhnavi Paneer Laung Latika
- Rajasthani Papad ki Sabzi
- Hyderabadi Sabz Bahar
- Kashmiri Pulaav
- Assorted Chutneys

The chef helped us decide what we should try, and everything he suggested was truly lip-smacking! If you're at Baluchi, you shouldn't go without trying Rajasthani Papad Ki Sabzi, which has now become my favorite Indian sabzi. 

And don't leave without eating the mouth-watering Ghevar! Honestly, I am not a fan of Indian Sweets & Desserts, but this one still has me craving for more!

Besides Food & Ambience, a big thumbs up to the Hospitality!

So, that was it about my lunch at the Royal Indian Affair, Baluchi. Make use of the weekend & experience something truly royal!
In case there's something else that you would like to know, you can leave a comment below, or drop me a message on Instagram, I'd be happy to help!
Also, I would be sharing more from #TheLalitExperince very soon! Until then, take care.