These Sunglasses cost you less than A Lunch Date!

Knockaround is a young American sunglasses brand, which is inspired by the perpetually sunny laid-back style of Southern California.
What I love the most about Knockaround is that they have  so many ranges, colors & styles to choose from.They have one for every mood, every style & every occasion!
No matter what option you choose, a pair of knockaround sunglasses will definitely lift up any outfit, because there's something very cool & fun about them! So, in my opinion, they're really a must have in everyone's wardrobe- males, females & kids!
What makes them cooler is that they can also be customized as per your liking & style!

I stumbled upon , which is an e-commerce website that stocks amazing Glocal Brands to access for Indians at affordable prices! That's when Knockaround sunglasses caught my attention & I learnt about them.
Starting from Rs.700,they are so minimally priced that they'll cost you way less than a Lunch Date!

I got my Knockarounds customized from! They had so many colors to choose from & trust me, the decision was hard to make because I loved every color & wanted one in each!
I  finally decided to go for a clear frame & arms with Moonshine lenses which are dual-chromed.
This was the most subtle combination, but honestly you can play around as much as you can & design something truly extraordinary for yourself!

My customized pair took around 10 days to arrive, but the wait was worth it! It came with a fabric case, which is as quirky as the pair itself!
Both, the case & the pair of sunglasses is super lightweight & sleek, which makes it easier for me to carry around everywhere- to swimming, dates, meetings!

I'll definitely be adding more of Knockarounds to my wardrobe! What do y'all think?