Looking Good Is A Form Of Self-Respect

Kiran is a young, talented photographer who clicks most of the pictures that appear on this blog.
She noticed my work on the web & wrote a mail to me inquiring about the Personal Styling/ Shopping services I offer. I ended up stalking her on Instagram, and loved her work!
And we both ended up hiring each other for our individual needs.

After deep discussions about her Professional as well as Personal Life, I managed to understand her wardrobe concerns. I realized that besides society, she had some self-imposed limits.
As per my study,she was stuck between  two different faces of her personality- 1. The Sweet, Feminine One, 2. The Rough & Tough, Independent Photographer
Here are few pictures of her, in her wardrobe just "BEFORE THE MAKEOVER"

On the very first day that we met, I took her to a shopping spree where I made her try different styles that I thought would be appropriate for her body-type as well as her profession, keeping in  mind her concerns. This further helped me figure out her comfort zones.
Fortunately, she loved all the outfits that I made her try. We did not buy anything, but it was quite a useful & fun experience! 

I went back home & started working upon her lookbook, that was divided into two parts- which referred to two different faces of her personality.
In the lookbook, I featured the Key Pieces that were utterly important to include in her wardrobe and styled them in 4-8 different ways. I gave her a hard copy of the Lookbook that included styled pieces, reasons she needed them in her wardrobe, and why they would suit her body type & profession.

Next, we made a couple of more shopping sprees- to the mall, and to the street market and picked up 2 pairs of jeans, 3 tops, 2 pairs of shoes, a blazer & some basic make up- all within the set budget!
She was quite happy with the purchases...wooohoo!
Also, we got her a haircut. She was a bit hesitant at first, but was conivinced soon. We got just an inch of her hair trimmed from the bottom with a soft side fringe.

Here she is, in her new wardrobe "AFTER THE MAKEOVER"

She told me that she used to watch TV Shows like What Not To Wear & always dreamt of having a Personal Stylist/ Shopper, I am glad I could fulfill her dream! 
There is still a lot left to shop, and Kiran & I are gradually covering up!
All thanks to her for trusting me, and letting me paint her.

If you are someone who struggles every morning choosing an outfit, if you haven't ever worn 80% of your wardrobe, if everytime you go shopping you bring home pieces that you later regret having purchased, if you feel your wardrobe is stale or you're insecure about your body & want to boost your confidence, write to me at styledbykarina@gmail.com with the subject "Personal Styling/ Shopping" for the Detailed Process & Pricing.

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