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I have always had a soft corner for Indian street dogs. Be it little pups with the dreamiest of eyes, or the adult dogs who refuse to grow up, I love all furries out there. No matter how tough their lives have been, Indian street dogs will welcome you with all the warmth in their hearts, they will still carry a sparkle in their eyes. People who can't look beyond the 'street dog”' in them, don't know what they are missing out here!
Here are few of my favourite rescue cases that I have been involved with lately. Even though life has brought them down couple of times, these tough indies refuse to give up! All these beautiful stories are a reminder that every dog deserves a family, a home that they can call their own, a place where they will be adored and looked after, humans that will make sure they never sleep without a meal again.

It isn’t easy being a mother dog on the streets. The one in the above is called Mother.
She had her own budding family, a litter of young pups t…

SBK x LimeRoad

As most of you might have noticed, I really like to dress up in shirts!
I feel put-together and I like the touch of decency & professionalism shirts provide.
Whether I am wearing a pair of shorts or a skirt or a dungaree, I would always prefer teaming it up with a nice shirt over a top (except crop tops though!)
A couple of weeks back, LimeRoad sent me this super smart plaid jacket-style shirt which matches my style perfectly.
I really love its color & I love how it brightens up my look instantly. It can be paired up with almost anything- white denims, pencil skirts, leather skirts, old blue jeans, or shorts.
It is perfect for day-time dates with girlies or a road-trip with a special someone! 

I wore it with a pair of ripped denims & gold pumps for brunch at my favorite Italian Cafe- Casa Bella Vista Pizzeria. I love the homely and peaceful environment of the place (PS I wish to have a backyard at my home like their outdoor seating)

Okay, so coming back to the outfit. I shot it last weekend, but due to a busy schedule I did not get a chance to post it. But at the same time, I could not wait to put it up for you guys to see!
The shirt definitely deserves to be one of the Top 10 items in my wardrobe. You're going to see me wearing it a lot this summer.
A big thanks to LimeRoad for this perfect addition to my summer wardrobe!

Photographs By: KiranDeep Photography

Outfit Details

Plaid Shirt- LimeRoad
Ripped Denims- H&M 
Watch- Fossil
Gold Pumps- FFC New York