Acne Scars Treatment at VLCC

Yesterday, I revealed on my Instagram Story that I was going in for an Acne Scars Treatment at VLCC, and received a lot of questions from both men and women suffering from the same skin problem, so I decided to write down my experience here. I hope this will help you out if you're looking at getting your scars treated too :)

I had the clearest, smoothest skin until my face suddenly started erupting with huge red bumps when I was an 8th grader, because of severe hormonal imbalance. I suffered from acne for almost 6 years, and now it has been more than 3 years that I haven't broken out at all (except occasional pimples here and there) but the previous acne break outs have left me with a lot of scarring and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and jawline.

Most people who haven't suffered from acne do not understand how it takes a toll on the lives of the acne- sufferers. It makes you feel really low on self confidence, and you avoid going out. People stare at you like they just s…

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